Eric Gaffney - A Cassetterospective

Eric Gaffney - A Cassetterospective

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Eric Gaffney - A Cassetterospective
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Eric Gaffney - A Cassetterospective
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Sore Foot Weirdy
1A1 Moth + Kelp
1A2 Sore Foot Weirdy
1A3 Shining Stone
1A4 Careless Mind Hands
1A5 Girls 1 2 3
1A6 Bass And Harmonica
1A7 Warbly Electric Foot
1A8 Molded In Wax
1A9 Andel Bells
1A10 Piano X4
1A11 Subscribe To The Notion
1B1 You've Come Along Way Baby
1B2 Moldy Bread
1B3 Trying To Make A Tape
1B4 I Was There
1B5 Drone South Street
1B6 Loose N Screw
1B7 Frith Like
1B8 Burial Ground
1B9 Paper Bag
1B10 Face Of Man
1B11 Attention
1B12 Xylophone
1B13 Hearty Garage Blues
1B14 Nervous Energy
1B15 Bluish Buds
1B16 Canned Blood Honey
Face Of Man
2A1 Face Of Man
2A2 Subscribe To The Notion
2A3 Shining Stone
2A4 Esoteric Disharmonics
2A5 Seclusion
2A6 Unnerved
2A7 Slowed Down Pot Convo
2A8 Slo Metal Dirge
2A9 About The Moon
2A10 What's It All About
2A11 Restless Wave
2A12 Slumber On
2A13 One Less Day
2A14 Magic Tricks
2A15 Fast Guitars
2A16 Bottle Of Booze
2A17 Violet Ex
2A18 Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock
2B1 Andel Bells
2B2 Green Plastic Film Projector
2B3 Careless Mind Hands
2B4 Thought To Dream
2B5 Virgin Snow
2B6 Cactus Tea
2B7 Bluish Buds
2B8 Chrome Like
2B9 Stored Up Wonder
2B10 Nervous Energy
2B11 Bluish Buds
2B12 Frightened
2B13 Quirky Electric
2B14 Cindy
2B15 Xylophone
2B16 Pounding Rigg
2B17 Upbeat Guitars
Yosemite Sam Lunchbox
3A1 Unstuck
3A2 Sad Again
3A3 Eastern/Hawley Cats
3A4 Bank Of Violets
3A5 Dulcimer, E-Bow & Bells
3A6 Eros & The Muse
3A7 Snoring Apaca (Murky Bass)
3A8 Hopatcong Train
3A9 UHF Instrumental
3B1 Unstuck Again
3B2 Staring At The Walls
3B3 Flying Machines Of Ceylon
3B4 Pizza Places In Albany
3B5 Berserk Solo
3B6 Crisis!
3B7 In Line
3B8 Accelerated
Brilliant Concert Numbers
4A1 Hudson River Landing
4A2 Fields Of Gaffney
4A3 The Other Day
4A4 Claverack
4A5 Loch Ness Monster
4A6 Dead Piano Piece
4A7 Cobweb Hall
4A8 Jittery Side Effects
4A9 1983
4B1 Moonlight
4B2 All Sides
4B3 Singing Iceberg
4B4 Make Your Way To The Light In C
4B5 Staring At The Walls
4B6 After Loch Ness
4B7 Cobweb Crunch
4B8 Gold Trimmed Hat
In Another Galaxy
5A1 In Another Galaxy
5A2 Jittery Side Effects II
5A3 Make Your Way To The Light In C
5A4 Atonal Organ Psychedelic Scrable
5A5 Slo Stonesy Reef
5A6 Sanctuary Sells
5B1 After Loch Ness
5B2 Funky Easthampton Thang
5B3 Time Zones
5B4 Arcadia
5B5 Under The Influence Of City Girls
Down By The Bay
6A1 Goodbye True Love
6A2 In Check
6A3 Coiled
6A4 Gone Wrong
6A5 Puzzle Piece
6A6 Amazonian Flies
6A7 Minnesota Street Blues
6B1 De-Escalation
6B2 I Can't Live Like This
6B3 Hasta La Vista Potrero Hill
6B4 Too Times Too Late
6B5 Left To Be
6B6 Reverb Swing Drums
Uncharted Waters
7A1 De Escalation
7A2 Gone Wrong
7A3 Puzzle Piece
7A4 Leave Me Alone
7A5 Coiled
7A6 Shark Attack
7A7 Walked In Like A Byrd
7A8 I Want A Woman
7B1 Someone Nice
7B2 Punk Rock Monkey
7B3 Under The Influence Of X And Minutemen
7B4 Flashflood Advisory
7B5 Colorform Viewfinder
7B6 Too Bad Luck
7B7 Come On Along & Surf
7B8 Violet Ex
Sailor On The Rainpool Seas
8A1 Music Box
8A2 Welcome To Manilla
8A3 Manilla Part Two
8A4 Whose The Big Touch Guy
8A5 Radioactive Plasticware 55
8A6 Coyote Live
8A7 Sailor On The Rainpool Seas
8B1 Goodbye To Everything
8B2 Pleasant Land Of Play
8B3 Birds
8B4 Chip Octopus Food
8B5 Olive Street Solos
Titan Space Heater
9A1 The World Turned Upside Down
9A2 Big Rock Candy Mountain
9A3 Smiling Dormouse
9A4 Radioactive Plasticware 55
9A5 The Bermuda Island
9A6 Cancer Of The Face
9A7 Riding On The Road With Sebadoh
9A8 Go Vegan!
9A9 Titan Space Heater
9B1 Working On The Railroad
9B2 Froggie Went A'Courting
9B3 The Erie Canal
9B4 Fish Of The Sea
9B5 Spoonful
9B6 The Invisible Mouse
9B7 Go Vegan II
America's Drug
10A1 America's Drug
10A2 What I Do
10A3 Welcome To Manilla
10A4 Howling Krishna
10A5 90 Million B.C.
10A6 Shark Attack II
10A7 The Legend Of Sloppy Sponge
10A8 I Smoke Pot
10A9 Ode To Bobo
10A10 The Sage Of Ernie Softspot
10B1 I Hate Alcohol
10B2 The Invisible Mouse
10B3 Easter Egg Patch
10B4 Mothers Of Hell
10B5 Kill Yourself
10B6 Do You Love Money
10B7 Happy Ending
10B8 Itsy Bitsy Spider
10B9 The Avocado Invasion
10B10 The Newts & The Salamanders
Lathe Invisible Mouse


Hand-numbered edition of 100 sets, collected in a custom wooden box, with a plastic lid (which contains the lathe cut track on its interior).
Purchase included an instant download of all 185 songs (362 minutes of music) in both MP3 and WAV.


Eric Gaffney - A Cassetterospective
Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental
Singer: Eric Gaffney
Album title: A Cassetterospective
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings ‎– JNR180, Jurassic Pop ‎– none
Type: 10 x Cassette, Reissue Lathe Cut, Single Sided Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
Country: US
Date of released: 07 Aug 2015
Category: Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 272