The Beatles - Film And TV Chronicle 1962 - 1970 Definitive Edition 41 DVD Set

The Beatles - Film And TV Chronicle 1962 - 1970 Definitive Edition 41 DVD Set

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Disc 1 (1962-1963)
Floral Hall (Upgraded)
Cavern Club (2 Versions + Outtake Footage)
Dezo Hoffman Home Movies (page 34-35)
Great Yarmouth (Upgraded)
Great Yarmouth (Interview in English!)
Dezo Hoffman Home Movies (page 38-39)
Jersey (Upgraded)
Scene at 6:30
Blackpool (Additional Footage)
Love Me Do/The Mersey Sound

Disc Two
Big Night Out
Melody Maker Award
George Visits Louise in Benton, IL (Not Listed in Book!)
Ready Steady Go!
Sunday Night at the London Palladium; ITN Newsreel (Upgraded)
London (2 Interviews, 1 Not in Book!, Additional Footage)
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Beatles at London Airport
Sweden Airport (New!)
Drop In (Upgraded)
Beatles Return from Sweden (2 Newsreels! 1 Not Listed in Book!) (Upgraded)
Royal Command Performance Newsreels (with Alternate Colour Footage!)
This Week
Day By Day

Disc Three
Move Over Dad (Upgraded)
The Beatles Come To Town (Upgraded, Additional Footage)
Late Scene Extra/Scene at 6:30 (20+ Min. Version! Book lists 8 min.) (Upgraded)
The Morecambe & Wise Show (Upgraded)
It's The Beatles

Disc Four (1963-1964)
Wimbledon (Upgraded)
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Day By Day (New!)
Christmas Show (Upgraded, Additional Footage)
Jack Paar Show
Paris B/W Footage (Upgraded, Additional Footage)
Paris Colour Footage (Upgraded, Additional Footage)
Beatles Off To America (Upgraded)
Depart To and Arrival in America (New!)
First US Press Conference (Upgraded)
White Christmas
Ed Sullivan Show (Page 77-78, In Stereo!)
Ed Sullivan Show (Page 78-79, In Stereo!)
Plaza Hotel (Upgraded)

Disc Five
Washington Press Conference (Additional Footage)
Washington Concert
Alternate Washington Footage (Not In Book! New!)
British Embassy in Washington
British Embassy in Washington B-Roll Footage
Plaza Hotel (Upgraded)
New York
Ed Sullivan and The Beatles Promote Miami Show (Not in Book!)
Ed Sullivan Show Rehearsals
Ed Sullivan Show (Stereo!)
Beatles Visit Cassius Clay
Miami Airport (Not Listed in Book!)

Disc Six
Grandstand Alternate Newsreels (Upgraded)
Big Night Out (includes Rehearsals, Comedy Skit footage not Listed in Book!) (Upgraded)
George 21st Birthday
The Beatles at the Abbey Road Studios
Follow The Beatles (Upgraded)
Alternate Hard Day's Night Clips
Hard Day's Night Buggy Trailer
The Pete Best Interview

Disc Seven
Variety Club of Great Britain Newsreel #1
Variety Club of Great Britain Newsreel #2 (Not in Book!)
Ready Steady Go! (Includes Arrival & Rehearsal Footage)
The Carl-Alan Awards
Dromoland Castle Hotel
I've Got A Secret
Star Parade (Upgraded)
A Degree of Frost
Ed Sullivan Interview
Australia House
Foyle's Literary Lucheon
NME Poll Winners Concert (Big Beat '64)

Disc Eight
Around The Beatles
George and John in Honolulu
Prince of Wales Theatre, London Newsreel (Not Listed in Book!)
Jimmy Nicol Rehearsal
The Beatles in The Netherlands (Upgraded)

Disc Nine
The Netherlands (Upgraded)
Beatles Leave for Far Eastern Tour/ Hong Kong
Australia 6/11 -6/12
Australia 6/12 - 6/14

Disc Ten
Australia 6/12 - 6/16
Melbourne Concert (Upgraded)

Disc Eleven
Adelaide 6/12 (Additional Footage)
Sothern Cross Interview 6/15
Sydney 6/18
Wellington 6/21
Auckland 6/25
Sydney 6/25
Brisbane Airport 6/29
Mascot Airport 7/1
Beatles At Stadium Newsreel
Beatles Conquer Aussies Newsreel
London Pavilion 7/6/64 (Not Listed in Book!)
Ringo's 24th Birthday
Beatles in Liverpool
Blackpool Night Out
Sweden (Airport, Hotel and Concert Footage, Alternate Airport/ Hotel Footage) (Upgraded)
Los Angeles
San Francisco (3 Newsreels, 11+ minutes! Book lists only 1+ minutes)
Las Vegas
Seattle (Includes short press conference Not in Book!)

Disc Twelve
Hollywood Bowl Concert
Hollywood Bowl Concert Alternate Footage (New!)
Los Angeles
Cincinnati (Additional Footage)

Disc Thirteen
New York
Atlantic City
Indianapolis (Our Fair Beatles)

Disc Fourteen
Detroit (New! Not in Book!)
Jacksonville (Upgraded)

Disc Fifteen
Cleveland (Additional Footage)
New Orleans
Kansas City
Unidentified 1964 US Concert Footage (New! Not in Book!)
An Evening with the Beatles
Beatles Leave New York City
The Tonight Show 10/1/64 (Not Listed in Book!)
Shindig (2 Versions of Kansas City)
Scene At 6:30
Dundee (Upgraded)

Disc Sixteen (1964-1965)
Plymouth (Includes 2 Newsreels! Book lists only one) (Upgraded)
Ipswich Interview
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Not Only...But Also
Ready Steady Go!
Tonsils Goodbye (2 additional Newsreels Not Listed in Book!)
John in St. Moritz
Ringo and Maureen Press Conference
The Beatles Leave for Nassau
Beatles Return from Nassau
London Airport 3/13/65 (Not Listed in Book!)
London Airport 3/22/65 (Not Listed in Book!) (Upgraded)
Filming for Help! (25+ Minutes Of Outtake Footage!)
Beatles Win Caroline Award
Top Of The Pops/Dr. Who

Disc Seventeen
NME Poll Winners Concert
Help! (Promotional Film Without Darts)
Grammy (Grandma) Awards
Paul and Jane Return from Portugal
MBE Interviews (Includes 4 interviews, 1 Not Listed in Book!)
Tonight Show
Departure for France
At George V Hotel (Not Listed in Book!)
Les Beatles "The Beatles Meet Paris" (Brian Epstein 16mm Print)

Disc Eighteen
Les Beatles "The Beatles Meet Paris (Complete Version)
Beatles Return from Europe Tour
Ivor Novello Awards
Beatles at TVC Studios
Help Film Premiere

Disc Nineteen
Blackpool Night Out
Beatles Leave for US Tour
Beatles Arrival in New York (Upgraded)
The Ed Sullivan Show (In Stereo!)
Shea Stadium Concert (Undubbed Original Audio) (Upgraded)
Shea Stadium Newsreels

Disc Twenty
Shea Stadium (As Originally Presented on TV) (Upgraded)
Toronto (Upgraded)
Houston (Upgraded)

Disc Twenty-One
Minneapolis (Upgraded)
Arrival in Los Angeles
Hollywood Party
San Diego
Los Angeles
Hollywood Bowl Concert
San Francisco
Beatles Return Home
Birth of Zak
Ringo's Alright Zak

Disc Twenty-Two (1965-1966)
Beatles at The Palace/MBE Interviews
The Music of Lennon & McCartney (Includes Outtake Footage!)
Intertel Promos (Upgraded)
George and Pattie Press Conference
George and Pattie Leave For Honeymoon

Disc Twenty-Three
NME Concert
Paperback Writer/Rain Promos
Paperback Writer/Rain Promos (Chiswick House Versions)
Eat The Document
Ed Sullivan Show 6/5/66 (Not In Book!)
Munich/Bravo Beatles Blitztournee

Disc Twenty-Four
Munich Concert (Beatles Segment)
Hamburg-Ernst-Merck-Halle Show
Hamburg (Parts 1,2 and 3)

Disc Twenty-Five
Hamburg (Parts 4 and 5)
Arrival in Japan
Tokyo Press Conference
Tokyo Concert #1
Departure From Tokyo Concert (Not in Book!)

Disc Twenty-Six
Tokyo Concert #2
Tokyo Concerts 8mm Footage (Not in Book!)
Tokyo Departure
New Delhi
London (Includes 2 Newsreels, 2 Interviews)
Brian Epstein in NYC 8/6
Blandford Street
Chicago 8/11
Chicago 8/12
Washington DC

Disc Twenty-Seven
St. Louis
New York (Additional Footage)
Shea Stadium
Los Angeles 8/24
Los Angeles 8/28

Disc Twenty-Eight
San Francisco
Beatles Return Home
Brian Epstein Interview 9/5/66 (Not Listed in Book!)
How I Won The War (Newsreel Footage!)
Melody Maker Award
Not Only, But Also
Reporting '66
The Mystery Trip (Part 1) Portugal

Disc Twenty-Nine (1966-1967)
The Mystery Trip (Part 1, Africa)
It's So Far Out, It's Straight Down
Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane
A Day In the Life (Both Versions!)
The Mystery Trip (Part 2) LA

Disc Thirty
The Mystery Trip (Part 2) Denver
The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream
Paul's Drug Interview (Upgraded)
Our World
Beatles Leave For Athens/Athens Island
Beatles Return from Athens
Birth of Ringo's Son, Jason
London Hilton Ballroom 8/24/67 (Not In Book!)
Beatles Leave for Bangor
Transcendental Meditation Weekend Seminar (Upgraded)
Death of Brian Epstein (Upgraded)
The Frost Programme
Brian Epstein Memorial Service
How I Won The War Film Premiere
The Beatles Mod Odyssey Part 1
Hello Goodbye Promos (5 versions!)
Ed Sullivan Show 11/10/67 (Not Listed in Book!)

Disc Thirty-One (1967-1968)
Step Inside Love
Jonathan Hague Exhibition
Apple Boutique Opening (Includes Colour Newsreel, Not In Book!)
George in Bombay
The Beatles Mod Odyssey Part 2
Fashion Show (Upgraded)
Lady Madonna (Both Versions)
Hey Bulldog Studio Promo
Departure to India (George and John)
Arrival in India
Departure to India (Paul and Ringo) (Upgraded)
Arrival in India
The Beatles in Rishikesh
Paul and Jane Return to London (Additional Footage)
Introducing Apple Corps./Paul and John on the Tonight Show (Additional Footage)
Larry Kane Interview
Paul and John Return from New York
All My Loving
Kenwood Home Movies (Not Listed in Book!)
Apple Presentation Reel
Return to London
Paul & Linda in LA (Not In Book!)

Disc Thirty-Two
You Are Here Exhibition (Upgraded)
Yellow Submarine Press Preview (Upgraded)
Yellow Submarine Premiere (Upgraded)
Mad Day Out (Additional Footage)
Music! (Hey Jude Rehearsals) (Upgraded)
Music (Hey Jude Rehearsals Outtake Footage) (New!)
Closure of Apple Boutique (Upgraded)
John and Yoko Films: Two Virgins
John and Yoko Films: Number 5 "Smile"
John and Yoko at Ossie Clark Fashion Show (Upgraded)
Frost On Saturday
Hey Jude Promo (3 versions)
Revolution Promo (2 versions)
John and Yoko Court Appearance 10/19
Paul In England (Not Listed in Book!)

Disc Thirty-Three
Rape (John & Yoko Film No. 6)
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
John and Yoko Court Appearance 11/28
The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus (Outtake Footage)
Dentist Interview
Yoko and Me (Upgraded Footage)

Disc Thirty-Four
More Get Back Sessions 1/2 - 1/23 (Upgraded, Additional Footage)

Disc Thirty-Five
More Get Back Sessions 1/23 - 1/28 (Upgraded, Addtional Footage)

Disc Thirty-Six
More Get Back Sessions 1/28 - 1/31 (Upgraded, Addtional Footage)
The Ballad of John and Yoko
Get Back/Don't Let Down Promos
Let It Be Promo
Goodbye Promo (Upgraded)
Paul Marries Linda (Upgraded)
Paul and Linda Leave for New York
George and Pattie Court Appearance 3/18
John and Yoko By Siene River Paris 3/20 (New!) (Not in Book!)
John and Yoko in Paris (Upgraded)
John and Yoko's Honeymoon (Upgraded)

Disc Thirty-Seven
The Lennon Portrait
John and Yoko in Vienna (Upgraded, Addtional Footage)
George and Pattie Court Appearance 3/31 (Upgraded)
John and Yoko Return to London (Additional Footage)
Will the Real Mr. Sellers (The Magic Christian newsreel footage with Ringo) (Additional Footage)
Magic Christian Cruise
John and Yoko: The Bed In

Disc Thirty-Eight
Give Peace a Chance (Uncut 6+ minute version! Book lists only 1+ minute)
The David Frost Show
The Stones in the Park (Paul footage)
The Final Session
Bob Dylan Concert (Upgraded)
Live Peace in Toronto (Outtake Footage)
John and Yoko Return to London (Upgraded)
Paul and Linda at the film premiere of Midnight Cowboy
Something Promo
Paul at Home
Paul and Linda in Scotland 10/69 (New!) (Not in Book!)
Cold Turkey (Colour Remastered Version! Book lists B/W)
MBE Return
Line Up

Disc Thirty-Nine
John Lennon-The Man Of The Decade (Upgraded)
24 Hours (The World of John and Yoko)
Apotheosis 2 (John and Yoko Film)
Film Premiere of Magic Christian (Additional Footage)
Delaney and Bonnie Concert (Complete at 37+ minutes! Book lists only 30 minutes!)
Avro TeleVizier Magazine (Upgraded)
Unicef Concert (Upgraded)

Disc Forty (1969-1971)
A Visit For Peace
Weekend (Additional Footage)
CBS Interview (Upgraded)
Cold Turkey Interview
John and Yoko Meet Canadian Prime Minister
Airport Departure (John & Yoko, Not Listed in Book!)
John and Yoko in Denmark
John and Yoko in Paris
Laugh In (Ringo Segments)
John, Yoko and Michael X (Upgraded)
The Tony Cox Tapes (New!)
Instant Karma (Both Versions)
Sentimental Journey Promo (Upgraded)
Fact or Fantasy
Maybe I'm Amazed Promo
Paul and Linda At High court 2/19 (Upgraded) (Not in Book!)
Paul and Linda At The 1971 Grammy Awards (New! Not in Book! Longer Segment than FAB DVD)

Disc Forty-One
The Beatles Break-Up Newsreels 4/12 - 4/14 (Upgraded, Additional
The John Lennon and Yoko Ono Films:
Up You Legs Forever (Alternate Footage, Not in Book!)
Up Your Legs Forever
Fly (Audition Footage, Not in Book!) (Upgraded).

The Beatles - Film And TV Chronicle 1962 - 1970 Definitive Edition 41 DVD Set
Singer: The Beatles
Album title: Film And TV Chronicle 1962 - 1970 Definitive Edition 41 DVD Set
Label: Not On Label (The Beatles) ‎– 41-DVD
Type: 41 x DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Unofficial Release, Stereo, Mono, Region Free
Country: USA & Canada
Date of released: 2009
Category: Rock, Pop
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